Isabela Colleges

        Cauayan City, Isabela






The Isabela Colleges endeavors to achieve quality education through relevant courses geared to regional and national development and manifests academic participation as a private institution needed for the total development of men, youths, and society in terms of economic, educational, spiritual, social, psychological, and physical areas.




The Isabela Colleges endeavors to carry out its educational mission to Region 02 by preparing young men and women for life to become responsible Christian leaders both locally and internationally. It commits itself to the effective delivery of knowledge to learners, with a sense of national identity and culture and further contributes in sharing its educational culture and further contributes in sharing its natural resources which shall foster linkages with local and international agencies and shall reach a realistic scheme as a center of Excellence





The Isabela Colleges Believes that as private enterprise, it performs an important public function. It also believes that it has a significant role to perform in the scheme of Philippine education, not only in Isabela but also in Region 02, in the whole country and in the world as well. It also believes in democratic education for individual responsibility and competence. For this citizens who are socially efficient and responsive to the needs of the Republic of the Philippine within the framework of national and international knowledge of the changing society in which thay are expected to work and live; the nature of the Filipino and his culture and his responsibilities to his community to the people of Region 02 and to the country and the world of large.




To prepare the students to be thoroughly grounded in the realm of scholarship and research for better service and make him conservant in the use of research methods and oriented to ever changing technological process through high degree of intellectual competence and professional excellence in business, public administration and education.