PACU - Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities

    PAPSCU - Philippine Association of Private Schools Colleges & Universities

    PAGE II - Philippine Association of Graduate Education

    PAFTE - Philippine Association for Teacher Education

    PACSB - Philippine Association of Colleges and School of Business

    PASE - Philippine Association for Secretarial Education

    PGPA - Philippine Guidance and Personnel Association Inc.

    APCAS - Association of Philippine Colleges of Arts and Sciences

    PRINSNANFE - Philippine Institution and Schools National Association in Non - Formal Education, Inc.

    WCCI - The World Council for Curriculum & Instruction - Philippine Chapter

    PSME - Philippine Society for Music Education

    ANTEP - Association of Non - Traditional Education of the Philippines FAPE Eduvision 2000

    ASSERT Phil. International - Association for English Research and Teaching

    PSERE - Philippine Society for Educational Research and Evaluation

    PATLEIPAM - Philippine Association of Tertiary Level Education Institution in Environmental Protection and Management

    SOPHIA - Association of Women Chancellor/Presidents of Higher Institutions

    Philippine Association PHI DELTA KAPPA (International)

    Association of Agrarian Reform Campus Communications - Provincial

    ARTIS Plus - Association of Regional Tertiary Institutions of Students and Teachers Publication

    PAPSHP - Philippine Association of Psycho - Social Helping Professionals